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Selling your home requires a clear plan of attack and all the market insight you can arm yourself with to be successful.

Our agents can help you through the process of selling with accuracy and ease. They can also put you on the path of home improvement, which can powerfully add to the value of your home and help you get the right price.

So, whether it’s the first or the dozenth time that you’ve decided to place real estate on the market, let us guide you through the world of home selling.

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We set up a meeting and answer any questions or concerns to provide insight into our services. We can take you to the next level of your home-selling process!


Examine Everything Included in The Listing

Our marketing action plan ensures that your home sells for the best price in the shortest amount of time. You will get market insight, trends, and comparable pricing to determine the best ask. Feedback is provided within 24 hours of your showings to keep you updated.


Investigate Cost to Sell

Take an opportunity to explore the unique benefits and pricing options available through Realand Realty.


Oversee Negotiations

We help you decide on the best offer amount and offer expert negotiation while handling multiple offers. At the end of it, we’ll get you your accepted offer!


Receive an Accepted Offer on Your Property

We make sure that you get the best price offer with the most favourable terms and conditions.



Congratulations — your property is now sold! Time to relax and enjoy.


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