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Whether it's your first home or your tenth, buying a home is a big deal. 

In the Okanagan, the real estate market moves rapidly, so working with an experienced, knowledgeable realtor is crucial. Knowing every little fine print detail can make all the difference when buying a home. 

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game.

At Realand, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game, so our clients never miss out on the opportunity to purchase their dream property. With an extensive network throughout the valley, we know houses that are coming soon and ones that are "off-market."

We stand by our clients every step of the process.

We stand by our clients every step of the process, including showings, price negotiations, inspections, legal paperwork, and until you walk through the front door of your new place.

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Kelowna, the heart of the Okanagan Valley is full of little neighbourhoods’ all offering different benefits. Contact us to learn more and to find the area best suited for you.

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