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The Realand Realty Development Group is a launchpad for developers building in the Okanagan Valley or developers who wish to bring their building expertise to the valley.

The Okanagan as a whole is in the process of exponential growth, particularly in Kelowna. The Central Okanagan is full of potential for land development, whether downtown, South Pandosy, Airport hub, Glenmore, or even be part of the Rutland Revitalization plan.
There is no shortage of offerings for builders, developers, and investors, and at Realand Realty, we make it a seamless process. We provide a one-stop shop that goes far beyond securing a piece of land to be developed. We come up with a design concept, a complete marketing package, and pre-sale services.

Capturing Value From Customers

Project Acquisition and
Marketing Process


Our goal is to help bring your vision to reality. During this step, we sit down with you to better understand your concept. We also take the opportunity to share what our team will do to make your project a success.

Market Intelligence

• Our Experience, Knowledge, and professional connections
• In-depth research of primary and secondary market data, trends, absorption rate, and pricing.
• Market analysis, determining the best use of the property



We are with you every step of the way. After meeting to discuss your plan, our team of experts will help with all the other aspects of development.

Acquisition of Land
  • Finding the ideal piece of land
  • Negotiating the best price possible to purchasing the land
  • Determining the best use based on zoning
  • Determining the density of the project
  • Competition analysis

We work with a preferred group of architects, designers, builders, and consultants to make every project a success. We use our relations with cities that can work with you to bring your ideas to life and develop your dream property.

Design, Price & Trades
  • Defining the target market
  • Assist with development application proposal
  • Assist in deciding regards to the architectural proposal
  • Facilitating with Architects and Cities on your behalf
  • Creating a product that will appeal to the marketplace
  • Floor plan, Unit mix, and parking recommendations
  • Connecting interior designers, trades, and suppliers
  • End product price analysis


Project Marketing

Our Realand marketing team uses our marketing expertise to create and execute a custom marketing strategy designed specifically for your development. We work with you to have a successful launch, including pre-sales, all the way through to completion. It is crucial to build key messages that are true to your project brand while championing who you are as a developer. 


  • Creating a correlation between the essence of a project and the taste of the target market
  • Projecting a relevant brand image through consistent communication
  • Attracting the right market to build a strong brand image
Market Execution
  • Designing a project launch strategy cohesive with brand image and positioning
  • Our marketing team outlines timing, market segments, and target market for the launch
  • Our market intelligence is used to facilitate and create a unique project positioning
  • Creating a perceptual map to identify buyer’s specific attributes
  • Communicating attributes to buyers that can connect with
Media Strategy
  • Formulate media buying and advertising strategy
  • Developing a product promotion strategy
  • Facilitating web designing, social media, and lead generation strategy
  • Budgeting online marketing, digital marketing, and direct marketing
Event Planning
  • Creating the essence of the project in simulation form
  • Inviting homebuyers, realtors, professionals, and press to the event
  • The project’s lifecycle includes a presentation centre launch, informative events, and press previews


Selling & Client Care

We take our team made up of proven successful realtors and provide you with round-the-clock customer service. We work to reach the highest level of success for your investment.

Sales Strategy
  • In-depth sales training program before the launch
  • Relationship building with local realtors and providing pre-launch information
  • Pre-launch info package to prospects and premium investors
  • Inventory management
  • Lead generation and management
Client Communication

We believe that communication is one of the central pillars to success. At Realand, we create an environment where our team and our clients can offer feedback and constructively communicate their thoughts. To us, it's about making our clients feel comfortable in doing business with us. We practice empathy and understand Canada's cultural diversity and can offer language translation when necessary.

Contract Management
  • Our mission and goal is to use technology to keep our clients informed and do our part to be sustainable. We use specific contract management systems to reach these goals and make them convenient for everyone.
  • We constantly follow up to ensure we are compliant and accurate with our contracts in this fast-changing market.
  • Professionalism is at the front of our business. Our team is comprised of experts who make the entire real estate experience enjoyable.
Client Care

Client Care is our number one priority. We understand that selling, purchasing, or developing is a big deal, and we are with our clients every step of the way. With our team of professionals, we work diligently to ensure all our client's questions are answered, and we encourage feedback that will help us be that much better at what we do. Our service carries through the whole process, including contract negotiations, timelines, and final walk-through, ensuring every client is 100% satisfied.


Our Commitment

Realand works to build long-lasting relationships that go beyond the completion of developments. We want to become your partner and be part of the success of your future projects.


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